Lock Shows



The Lancaster Lock Show

Our next event is the Ninth Annual Lancaster Lock Show! The Lock show opens to the public on Saturday July 14, 2018 at 9:00 AM. Learn more...

The Lancaster Lock Show is one of four major shows which take place in the United States annually.

In the United States it is common to meet the same core of people at every show. As you can see in the Gallery each lock collector / dealer has one or more tables to display their collection and / or items for sale. Since most collections consist of hundreds or even thousands of locks, you will typically see only a select subset of the collector's complete collection.

A variety of items will be found at the lock shows including; Railroadiana, antique and collectible padlocks, restraints, other types of rare and unusual locks, antique hardware, and antique door hardware.

Show Circuit

Show Date Location
West Coast Lock Show TBA Hawthorne, CA, USA
Crossroads of America Lock Show TBA Indianapolis, IN, USA
Lancaster Lock Show Jul 14, 2018 Lancaster, PA, USA
European Lock Collectors Meeting TBA TBA
Lock Museum of America Lock Show TBA Terryville, CT, USA

Please let us know of any other lock show that should be on this list.


Buying and Selling

At Lancaster Lock Show

Hundreds of padlocks will change hands. Here are some suggestions to help you best leverage this show to your advantage.

If you are Selling
The typical thing to do is to register for a table. The 6 foot tables provide you with ample space to display dozens of loose padlocks or two to three display cases. If you need more space, and want to really establish yourself as a major player, you may register additional tables for a modest fee.
Register Now

If you just have a special lock to sell (or even a bucket of dusty old locks!), you might consider being a 'walk-in'. With this option you just pay $5.00 at the door for admittance. While you will not be permitted to display your lock(s), you may approach any of the dealers at the tables and show them what you have to sell.

If you are Buying
You do not need to register a table. You can simply pay $5.00 at the door for admittance as a 'walk-in' and shop or browse at your leisure.

Earlybird Admission
For $25 at the door, earlybird admission permits attendees access to the showroom floor two hours after the dealers begin to set up on Friday (the day before the show). To sweeten the deal, earlybirds are also permitted access to the showroom on Saturday, one hour ahead of opening for the general public.